Eli and his big brother, Samson, are doing fantastic. Eli is now a whopping 66 lbs and is still growing taller and stronger every day! He has passed his older brother in height and just has five lbs to go on weight! They still spend most of their days at work with us and are rarely left at home alone. They also spend most weekends heading out to the Colorado River with us and several of their doggie friends. Eli is so eager to please. He is a bit more mischievous than his older brother but learns right from wrong very quickly. Here are a few pictures of Samson and Eli at work and at their favorite river vacation spot.


23 May 2012

Eli is growing before our eyes and is an incredible 62 lbs. at 9 months! He is quickly catching up to his big brother Samson, a 4 1/2 year old Plott Hound, in size. He is a very healthy pup and is always getting compliments on how beautiful he is! Eli could quite possibly be the sweetest dog on the planet. He loves everyone and everything and we love him more than anything too.

Eli now spends his weekdays with his Dad and Samson at work at the boatyard in San Diego. He has lots of friends that come by to visit him every day and has several doggie buddies too! On weekends we take family camping trips to the Colorado River or we go on long hikes in the San Diego area. Eli is now taking his 2nd round of puppy training classes and is becoming a very well trained and obedient pup.

Thank you so much to the Coonhound Rescue for bringing this amazing little guy into our life. He has brought so much joy to so many people, especially his family!


3 September 2011

Just a little update on our sweetheart, Eli! He is now 35 LBS! This week he has learned how to "Come", "Stay", "Leave it" and "Lay Down". He is still the star of his puppy class and is for sure the instructor's favorite! We are so proud of our little guy! He and his big brother Samson are now inseparable. It's adorable. We also now say that Sam & Eli are our "Kings of the Couch!"


17 April 2011