Here is Miss Molly's first Christmas Photo. She looks so sweet and innocent. The place where this was taken has a lot of farms and a Basset Hound Rescue next door. The smells were too much for her and she took off and we chased her for 20 minutes. Good thing she learned to give a paw for a treat. We enrolled her in a puppy class after this and she is very food motivated but so smart the trainer used her to demonstrate everything. We love her more everyday but I think from reading the updates on her siblings she is the black sheep of the family (I will have to send a picture of what is left of the couch). The squirrels are terrified of our yard! She is so much fun and the girls write about her in school and get a lot of laughs.

Kim Kaiser

21 December 2011

Molly is a very smart and crazy. She is always up to no good and we love watching her.We at first named her Sarah but she would not answer to it and she looks like a bunny with those long ears so the girls liked Molly. Molly loves to play with her sisters Stella and Miley and boy can she howl!! She is always on the look out for birds and Squirrels with the other dogs. When she is in the house she always has a couch and has no problem laying on top of one of the other dogs or even the kids. She was really tiny when we got her but she took right over I would say she is the leader of the other three. Our senior dog will have a bark off with her and she will run around him howling , hooting and making some strange noises. She loves to eat! Coonies are the best! She is so good with the girls and has a lot of spunk but she is very smart and knows what no means but will talk back. She loves tennis balls and will chase one all over the house with our other coon till our husky Miley takes it from them then they start the new game. Thank you so much for her she is a wonderful addition to the family and keeps us laughing.

Kim, Brian, Angela,Natalie, Amanda
Vinny, Miley, Stella and Molly

12 August 2011