I’d like to give you an update on Abigail who is now 9 months old. We brought her home on February 11, 2012 and she has not stopped thriving. Since we are “city folk” and work during the day, we have enrolled her in Puppy Day Care, which she attends every other day. She has a ball playing with other dogs and she is very, very social. On the days she is not at day care, she gets walked by myself first thing in the AM, then by our neighbor and her official “walker”, Sebastian, when he gets home from school. At least twice per week she goes for a run with our other neighbor, Chris.

Everyone loves Miss Abigail and I must admit that I try my very best to spoil her on a regular basis! I can totally relate to her and the fact that early on in her life, someone didn’t want her and I want to make that up to her every single day! Attached are some pictures – one taken the day we brought her home and so on. Many, many thanks to you guys for doing what you do and for the opportunity to love Abigail.

Laura Gollub and Jim Daly

Page last updated on 12 June 2012