As you can see, our Forever Family loves to include us in EVERYTHING. Please, please, please ask them to stop playing dress-up with our hairless sister. We're OK being left out on that activity!

Ace and Romeo

23 December 2013

Once again it's time to give an update on Mr. Perfect "Ace" and Mr. Not So Much "Romeo".

There has been a scientific breakthrough at our house. I think we can prove that dogs can tell time. Understand some of you might be perplexed by the idea that a dog can read a clock. However over the past year it appears that both dogs have finely tuned this very complex skill.

Here are the facts to support the hypothesis. Both dogs have developed a nightly routine of putting themselves to bed at exactly 10:00. Both head up stairs to their beds without prompting. Every afternoon at exactly 2:30 they come to me wanting their afternoon feeding. I get the look of what in the world are you waiting on do you not know what time it is? They reinforce this demand by barking and pawing at me until I check the time. This just verifies that they have read the clock and determined that it is 2:30 PM and action needs to be taken immediately. Last point to verify this skill is at 7:00 they start giving me the look "We are going on a walk, right?" Hard to argue the fact that every day at exactly the same times the response is the same

We are not bragging but most dog owners talk about commands to sit, stay or heal. Ours tell time.
Thanks again Coonhound Rescue for Mr. Perfect and Mr. Not So Much!

6 November 2013

Bishop Tipple has been renamed to Romeo "Omi". He came to us recovering from heartworm treatment and little underweight. We were given strict instructions from the vet to keep him calm and limit exercise for the next 4 weeks. Unfortunately, we found out that Romeo does not listen to vets. However, he did made it through the 4 weeks and got a clean bill of health. Today he has adjusted to his Black and Tan brother ( "Ace") and has settled into a routine. Since this is our first Bloodhound we were not totally sure of what to expect. The best way to describe his personality, if he was a human he would be "Bart Simpson". Always getting into trouble but you can't get mad at him because he gives you that bloodhound look. I have attached a photo to prove my case.

His weight is now up to 85.5 pounds. The stories about Omi are endless. Got out of the fenced backyard (someone left the gate open) returned to the front door 15 minutes later with a cow femur bone that was huge. No idea where it came from but it's his now. When waiting for a treat he has found that standing on his coonie brother's back gives him an advantage. Running through the house is done by bouncing off the walls at every turn. Not sure why but it works for him. Feeding time is done in his crate and thinks it's his special place to eat. Small terrier down the street named Baxter is his singing partner. They do an amazing duet of howling. Still thinks he is a lap dog. I work from home so he does not like it when I travel. He has convinced a friend to come over during the day to play with him. Spoiled rotten.

Romeo is truly a lover and has a huge heart, but still has a little stinker attitude to keep it entertaining. What a great addition to the family.

23 April 2012

Ace adopted us in January 2011, and we havenít regretted a minute since. It took about 6 weeks to really see his true personality. He has turned into a kind, gentle and loving member of the family. You read about the Coonhound personality but until you experience it yourself itís hard to describe.

During a trip to the mountains we have found out that Ace will never be a hunter. Some locals were shooting sporting clays close by and Ace wanted no part of the noise. He ran into the house and into his bed for the rest of the day. Not sure we helped the situation in that everyone loved on him for the rest of day and into the night. He has decided that sleeping, and long walks in the woods fulfilled his desire to be a hunter.

For the record he is spoiled rotten!

The Simons

7 December 2011