He's doing great! After MUCH discussion, we did end up changing his name to the very un-original "Blue"... but it just seemed to fit him. Especially with his blue collar, blue leash and blue tick hound-ness!

I took him on a quick trip to my parent's farm earlier this week, and he had a blast. We kept him on a leash the whole time when he was in the yard, since they have chickens, cats, and other assorted farm animals, but he was great around them. I figured he'd go crazy around all the critters, but he was a perfect gentleman! We let him loose for a run in their big pasture (attached picture), since it has fences that run all the way to the ground and he can't go under them. He was pretty funny, he wanted to sniff everything, but he would keep coming back to us as if he didn't want to run away too far! We got a few bellows out of him, he seemed pretty excited to sniff out the squirrels and other critters around the pasture.

Catherine Neal

Page last updated on 18 March 2010