Addison is now Addy and is one of the "On the Road Again pups." After our beloved Coonhound, Susy, passed away, my father was devastated and the whole family was sad. A few weeks later we met the "On the Road Again Pups" hopping to find one just as fun as our last coonhound. Among the pups was Addy. She showed off and ran in circles; we knew she was the one with her spunky attitude. Addy is now living with us in Texas. She's large and silly, but we couldn't have asked for a better dog. She loves to go to the beach, go for long walks and play catch. She loves our other cats and dogs, and enjoys a good snuggle. We are so happy to have found this website and to have welcomed Addy into our lives.

"Who saved who?"

Kara, Dawn, and William

Page last updated on 26 April 2011