Ash is now 8 months old and about 50 pounds. He just graduated from puppy/young adult basic obedience training. After a little more practice, we might go back and take the Canine Good Citizen class too. Ash is as sweet and sociable as the day we got him and shows all the signs of being a great dog.

Rachel and Jon

25 August 2010

Ash settled in quickly after making his flight to Dallas and the nearly 4 hour ride home in the car to Austin. He is now about 25 pounds of coonhound curiosity and energy. Ash is a fast learner, very alert, with his nose always to the ground (of course). He's been having fun at the farmers' market, walking in the Austin greenbelts and dog parks, and had his first chance to dip his big feet in a nearby creek this past weekend. He's yet to meet a person or dog that he doesn't like and eats up all the attention he gets when we're out and about.

Thanks again for working with us to get Ash. We're enjoying our happy, sweet, snuggly goofy boy.

Rachel and Jon

26 March 2010