Here are some pictures of Abby around 7 months old. She has started to grow into her self, her midsection is finally catching up to her legs, and she has been staying at a steady weight of about 40 lbs.

She has really taken a liking to us fostering, as she gets lots of play mates coming through the house. She gets to show them all of her little tricks, like opening the back door into the yard, or swiping things off of the counters that are a little to close to the edge and checking everyone's food bowl to make sure they are clean. She recently completed a puppy behavior class, where she got her AKC Star Puppy certificate; she learned a lot of new tricks, some of which she only seems to remember when you have a treat in your hand.

She has a favorite chair in the house, as you can see in the pictures, where she loves to sleep and also run and jump off of onto the other dogs in the house. She uses it like her personal trampoline to ambush them. Everyday she does something to make us laugh and we are always glad that we adopted her.

Matthew Keller

28 June 2010

Abby is growing fast, already over 20 lbs and doing great. She has adjusted very well and loves to run in the yard with Niko. I attached a few photos from the Easter holiday when a few of her cousins came to visit. She loved playing with them, though she doesn’t realize how big she is compared to the dachshunds. Somehow she has gotten the idea that she is a lap dog, and has to be in somebody’s arms or lap. She had to make her rounds around the house and make sure everyone knew she was up in the morning to get her attention. This routine was repeated every time that we came in from outside as well. She loves the attention, and as long as someone is petting her she will sit there all day.

She is a very sweet dog and we are so thankful to the rescue group for making this adoption possible.

Matthew Keller

17 April 2010

Wanted to give you an update on Abby, formerly Alabama Red. She is adjusting very well, and gets along great with our Shiba Inu, "Niko". She shows interest in the cat but it's only out of curiosity as all she will do is sniff and watch her walk around. She had her first trip to the Vet on Wednesday afternoon, and will go again in three weeks to finish her vaccinations. She weighed in at 16.6lbs, so it will be interesting to see how much she has grown in three weeks.

She is doing very good with house training;she knows that when we go outside that its time to go potty, and the only accidents she has had inside have been when she gets too excited playing with Niko.

We thank you for allowing us to adopt Abby.

27 February 2010