Here are some photos of Alex. He is wonderful. We took him to visit my Grandmother. He loved it; he made himself right at home and snored away on her bed. Alex is such a spoiled rotten coonhound. He LOVES milk bones. He is no longer a shy and timid boy like he was when I took him in as a foster. He has learned that he is loved and will never ever be hurt again. He loves to ride in the truck and sit in the middle. We took him to a place called Foster Falls here in Virginia It is a state park next to the river at the bottom of the mountain. Alex thought the deer eating in the field were very interesting. He just laid there with his head out the window of the truck watching. He has a good time eating, sleeping, sniffing everything, and taking walks. Thanks so much for letting us enjoy him. I really hope he is as happy with us as we are with him.

Angie and Edward

Page last updated on 11 April 2009