My husband, Mike, saw a Black and Tan where he works at Bates College. The chaplain had gotten Rocky from your rescue. So when he came home he told me about this dog and I had never heard of a Black and Tan Coonhound so looked it up online. Then your website came up and we started looking at the pictures and read the story of the Allegany hounds and were just captivated and wanted to help. We arranged to meet Axel's foster mom at a rest stop in Mass. We feel in love immediately with Axel. He was so gentle and looked so sad. We have had him now since March. He loves my cat and my cat rubs up against him all the time. He loves to run and often runs with me 3-4x a week. He has bucky beaver, which is a squeaky toy he sleeps with all the time. When he is happy to see you he stretches his legs out flat and uses his front paws to creep along the floor, he is so funny. I get behind him and scratch his neck and hug his head and he gives me little nibbles and my cheek. He is such a wonderful dog and we are so happy we found him.

Thank you for allowing us to find him and give him a good home.


Page last updated on 23 September 2009