2012 is flying by and Wil is nearly a year and a half now! Now weighing in at 85lbs, I can't believe how quickly he is growing up. Anyway, just a quick update to let you know that he is happy and healthy and just the sweetest boy I could possibly have wished for. After several months of initially trying to ignore him and keeping her distance, my older girl, Tula, eventually learned to love him and now they are inseparable. He is very obedient and really is a perfect dog. He occasionally lets out a houndy bay when an opposum comes in to the back yard but he is really pretty quiet. There had been an ongoing couch battle in my house as his claws have dethreaded the new couch. I bought him a new super comfy dog bed but he just loves the couch so eventually we reached a compromise and he now has custody, with Tula, of the ottoman (very large and cushiony - so they are happy). Everybody who meets him falls in love with him and I am always asked what breed he is, people think he is so handsome. I always direct them to ABTCR.

Lucy Bargioni

23 May 2012

We wanted to give you a 5 month update on Wilbur. He is such a great addition to our family! It has been a hectic couple months with moving into our new house but things are finally settling down. Wilbur is such a laid back soul, he has handled all the changes like a pro. Initially our older girl, Tula, was uncertain about our new addition and so we begun working with a trainer intensively on pairing the two. It was well worth the commitment because now they are fantastic buddies and thoroughly enjoy one another's company. About 70% of their day is spent rough housing, the rest of the day lounging in sunbeams together. He just loves our new yard and enjoys exploring the undergrowth with his sister.

Wil is a quick learner and we have mastered toilet training, come, sit, lie down, hand shake, stay and 'drop it'. Working on heel. We are beginning scent training for him as we wanted a 'job' for him to exercise his natural scenting instincts and ultimately will hope to have some voluntary involvement in search and rescue.

At nearly 40 lbs already we are expecting him to be a very big coonie but all the more of him to love! He is a total snuggler and loves to sprawl out on our laps which is just fine with us. We thank you ever so much for sending us our sweet boy and will keep you updated of his milestones as he grows up. I have attached some of our favorite pictures of him. Enjoy!

Lucy, Patrick, Tula and Wilbur

11 May 2011