Annie has been with us three years and I can't begin to tell you how much she has added to our lives. She's silly and funny and makes us laugh. She's loving and she "talks." She "helps" you put on your shoes and socks ~ probably because she knows that means a walk. The stars must have been perfectly aligned when you suggested she'd be a good dog for us. We couldn't have gotten a better dog ~ she's just plain wonderful. The neighbors all know her and love to hear her sing as we walk. The coyotes frequently wake us up at night and Annie stands up on the bed and yells at them out the window. Allin all, she's a joy and we can't thank you enough.

Sally Curran

11 March 2012

Annie has been with us for two years now and continues to be a joy. She makes us laugh at least once every day - what more could you ask for?

The photos are of the coat she wears during hunting season and it also helps me see her. She loves to go with us off-leash when we walk through the woods. She's so good - she'll get a scent and run with it baying, but only a couple of hundred yards and then comes right back with us. We've walked about a 5 square mile area many times, so she knows where she is.

Thank you so very much for recommending her. I hope you continue to do your wonderful work.

Sally Curran

26 March 2011

Just a note to tell you that the Redbone hound, Annie, you sent us continues to bring joy to our lives. In the year she's been with us she has blossomed. Everyone in a 5 mile radius knows her and the sound of her voice - her baying brings a smile to every person who hears her. Our police department has dubbed her "the watch dog of No. Lyndeborough." She has gone to work with me. Not a day goes by that she doesn't make us smile.

Thank you so very much for recommending her to us - you couldn't have made a better choice.


18 March 2010