We would like to give everyone an update on Zeus (the Bloodhound formerly known as Amos). The night that Nancy (his adoring mom) saw Zeusís picture on Coonhoundrescue.com we were hooked. Zeus had a few days left in a Tennessee kill shelter when we saw him back in January. She immediately got the process started to save this handsome boy and bring him to his new home. Once the process was started, we could not wait for this big boy to get to his new home. Nancy and I are both huge fans of large-breed dogs and we knew that Zeus would not only be a welcome addition to our home, but would never want for love and affection again. From early reports on Zeus, the poor boy had endured some pretty harsh conditions; he was a 2 year-old bloodhound that was only 65 pounds. From the initial pictures, he was woefully thin. Once the date was set for our newest addition to arrive, we monitored our emails for updates constantly. From all the reports we received when he was delivered, there were plenty of takers that would have loved to take this boy into their home. True to all reports, Zeus is an affectionate, kind-hearted soul that was just looking for his home. We are happy to report that he has finally found it. His new family is very lucky to have him. He has some boys to play around with, a sister Walker coonhound named Athena to pester him, a mom to dote on him, and a dad that keeps him in line but still sneaks him treats constantly. For all of you that were involved in rescuing this adorable Bloodhound we thank you. We felt it was only right to give you an update on his condition. Some of the pictures included are from the night we first brought him home and others are 2 months later. It is easy to see that he is prospering (I still say he won the doggy lottery). There is a picture or two of his partner in crime Athena (also a rescue, but local).

Again, many thanks to all of those involved in helping bring this wonderful companion to us.

Page last updated on 26 March 2011