We just wanted to take a moment to share our own happy ending! This weekend we adopted our very first rescue dog. Dixie, formerly April Rose, is such a blessing to our home! When my husband said he wanted a B&T Coonhound I was a little worried! We have Schips and Shiba Inus. I never considered myself a "hound" person! I've always had dogs with curled tails, prick ears and full coats. I had a hard time envisioning myself with a flop eared short coated dog! But I decided since he always dreamed of having his own Coonie, I'd do some research and see if they could really fit into our lifestyle. Much to my surprise, they seemed like they would be a great fit. We started contacting breeders and then thought why not look into rescue? I was a little worried about taking on someone else's "problem". I found your website and we started reading about the dogs that needed homes and what their personalities were like. Some of the dogs sounded like dreams come true so I submitted our application. Jayne contacted us and told us there was a girl available in foster right here in CT. We contacted the foster and decided to meet on Saturday. Well, it was love at first sight! Dixie is a beautiful girl with wonderful doggie etiquette! She interacts with our current dogs so well! She seems to just know which one she can play hard with, which one doesn't like the rough play etc. The dogs act like she has always been here! They are thrilled to have a new friend. She is SUCH a good girl! She has truly blessed our family and we love her so much! So, here I sit with my very own Coonie watching me type and realizing I am, after all, a HOUND person! I guess someone's "problem" was our BLESSING!

Thanks to all involved in rescuing these wonderful dogs and allowing us to bring a new family member into our home!
Allison, Dave and Megan
And of course Dixie, Cole, Garth, Gabby and Breaker

Page last updated on 30 March 2010