Princess Ariel is 1 now and such a wonderful dog. She is weighing about 55 pounds of pure beauty. So many people use the word “beautiful” to describe her and our family couldn’t agree more. She loves to play out in the yard and we even have a few squirrels that linger around and torture her but so far they seem to be quicker then her…I’m afraid one day she will get one! lol

She loves to go to work with her Dad who owns a tuxedo store, she is so well behaved and enjoys being around him. She has her destructive times as you can see when she ate her own bed but they are few and far between as long as she has enough of her own toys to occupy her.

She is the warmest snuggle buddy in the winter and she loves to sleep with her Best Friend Chase who is almost 3. They have a great time together.

I check this page and see her littermates and how they all look so much alike as they have been growing up. We have a facebook page for “Princess Ariel” so friends and family can keep up with her, from her mischievous ways to her adorable eyes.

Bob, Jackie, Adyn, Chase & Ariel

20 January 2012

Ariel is getting so big before our eyes. She is weighing in at 35 pounds and growing. She is doing wonderful and we love her so much. She loves just spending time with us and we have even let her sleep on the couch all night a few times! We walk her at least once but we try twice a day and everyone just loves her. She is a little shy sometimes but people can't help but want to pet her. Bob and I love when either one of the kids are asleep we find her trying to snuggle right next to them -- it's so sweet. Chase, our 2 year old, absolutely adores Ariel; he wakes up and looks for her to say good morning! Here are some pictures of her in the last few weeks -- we will continue to update. I was so happy to see the update on her brothers!

Bob, Jackie, Adyn, Chase & Ariel

25 May 2011

Ariel of the Angel Eyes litter is doing wonderful in her new home in Lindenhurst, New York. She loves her warm blanket and cozy cage (along with the comfy couch lol) She is doing great with her potty training and has had few accidents. We are very thankful to have Princess Ariel and I think she feels the same way about us. We couldn't ask for a more perfect addition. I never thought I could love an animal the way I love her. She loves running all over the back yard with the kids and yet she is great about not jumping on them, we do keep on top of her about it and are making a continuous effort to keep her on track as far as training and rules around the house because she is easy to control at 20 pounds but may not be so easy at 70 pounds if she doesn't learn now. We are so lucky she is soo smart she gets things quickly. My gliding chair I used to nurse the kids in has becomeP rincess Ariel's throne :) I will keep updating you as she grows.

Bob, Jackie, Adyn, Chase and Ariel Arist

26 March 2011