Auggie came home with me seven years ago this month, so I thought I'd write an update and send a few pictures. He remains the same gentle, easy-going, mellow dude that I brought home that first day. Over the years we've camped, hiked, boated, jogged, swam, beached, road tripped, rock scrambled, danced, brunched, and adventured together. He's a great travel buddy; easy to be around, great off leash, and trusts that I'll be back if I do have to leave him in a strange hotel room or Airbnb for a few hours. At 8-9 years old, I've started to look for signs of age but I can't find any beyond a greying muzzle and a few benign warts.

In retrospect, Auggie needed some love when he first came to me; he was pretty shut down. It took about six months for him to fully come out of his shell and become his true goofy self. He was always well-mannered, but I definitely put some training time in to enable him to be off leash, as well as to work through some anxiety. We're years past all of that now and have settled in as really, really good friends. He knows me, I know him, and I can't imagine a better dog. (I hope he feels the same way about his human).


4 October 2016

It's time I sent an update on Auggie (formerly Oggie Doggie)! I adopted him on Oct 16th, and he has been quite the addition. He is truly an old, gentle, loving soul, despite his young age of 2 or so. He's got a goofy side too, but he only lets it out when you've earned his trust. Auggie makes sleeping look like an Olympic sport. He frequently sleeps 22 hours a day with no problem. In the morning I have to pick his dog bed up, with him on it, in order to get him up and standing for breakfast and a trip outside. We go to the dog park for an hour or so every day after work, and he plays happily for a while before sitting directly in front of the gate, telling me it's time to go. He's done a wonderful job with kids and has also charmed the pants off of my parents and their friends.

We started right off the bat with training; I really wanted to be able to let him off leash when camping and spending time at our family lake house ( I know I know, he's a hound, what was I thinking?! I fell for the ears. I challenge you not to). Initially, he'd head for the hills, even if he knew I had a pocket full of treats. So I called a trainer from one of the companies recommended on your website, and it has worked wonders. Today we spent some time out in an open field and the minute I called him he came running, every single time. I think that with some more training and some common sense I'll be able to let him off leash with close supervision. No training at all was required for his household manners; he has been a perfect gentleman indoors from day one.

Auggie's only flaw is an anxious streak. He whines (a lot) in many new situations, although not all new situations. He also just shuts down when he's nervous about something, which usually manifests itself in staring at a wall. This is happening much less frequently now though. He also has some definite separation anxiety, although it is fortunatley somewhat manageable by crating him. I do want to give him free reign of the house one day, so we're working on it. The whining and separation anxiety have also prevented me from taking him to work just yet (I'd have to leave him in the office for a few 20 minute spans throughout the day), but we'll work on that too. If only they just spoke English!

Overall, he's been a great addition. He's a sensitive guy and I get the impression someone definitely treated him poorly. It's taken some patience, but it's been rewarding to watch him come out of his shell. It's been four months and I still don't think he's all the way out of said shell, so we'll see what the future brings!

Laura (and Auggie)

24 February 2010