We adopted our dog, Baby, about four years ago through your website, but we just wanted to update you on her! Baby is a great dog. A few of her favorite things to do are eat, sleep on the couch, and mushroom hunt in the springtime. She loves being outside and running around our orchard. Whenever we get the bunnies out, we always have to monitor Baby. She stays home with her good friend, Lady, and together they share many late night adventures.

We love Baby. She is a sweet dog with plenty of young energy! However, she has recently pulled a muscle in her leg, limiting her ability to run and play as much. She doesn't let that stop her though! Laying out in the sun is one of her favorite things to do, so now that the sun is shining in Indiana she prefers being outside over coming inside! We know that she knows how loved she is. She is shown every day by the cuddling from us and the extra little snacks here and there! Baby lives a great life full of life and attention, and she really loves seeing the people at the orchard. Our family is quite familiar with the Black and Tan breed, as Baby is not the first, and we absolutely adore the breed.

Thanks for all you guys do and thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to find such a perfect dog!
The Brummets

Page last updated on 21 May 2013