It is me, Bambino. Well, I live in Colorado now with a nice guy named John. We share a house with a nice yard and my own kennel. I have been to the vet and now have all my shots. I am growing like a weed and love to fetch balls. I have this bad habit of jumping on people and gently biting their hands. So John says I have to go to kindergarten. I am learning all my commands in German. John says I am a handsome fellow and I must say I agree.

The weather is getting warmer so we are spending more time outside. John says we are going to go camping and fishing next weekend. I do not know what that means but it has to do with this box on wheels that he calls a camper. I sleep through the night like a good boy and have learned that the house is not my bathroom. John works swings so we spend the day with each other. I like riding in his truck. I have a lot of toys which is good because I have not touched any of John's things except when I sleep on the dirty clothes.

I am doing great and very thankful for all you did for me.

Page last updated on 17 May 2009