Bandit is doing very well. In less than a week, he has made noticeable progress. Sleeps through the night, no potty or digestive issues so far. He is happiest when he is with both of us. We have not left him home alone, but when one of us is out for an hour or two he gets anxious. His bouts of anxious barking/whining are getting shorter and less frequent.

Luckily he doesn't chase geese, chipmunks, squirrels or rabbits which we encounter every day. We encountered a fox two days ago and I was grateful for the harness/lead. It took quite a bit of convincing not to chase it. He is very calm and well-behaved when meeting people, young children and other dogs. He is very affectionate and smart. When things reopen, I'm planning to enroll him in a obedience class and a scenting class. As for the cats, so far they remain in their secret spots and emerge when he is out walking or sleeping. He does a daily smelling check for them.

Page last updated on 21 June 2020