Baxter has now been with us for three weeks and his adjustment period appears to be over. During the first two weeks his new girl friend, Babe (Golden Retriever) and a playmate, Bailey (mix breed) , really helped him adjust to his new environment. When the third week started you could see he was very comfortable. He even read the Riot Act to our Squirrels and Chipmonks, no more running around the yard without being chased. I still can't believe how fast he can run, he almost caught a couple of squirrels. They have not been used to having a dog in the yard for over a year now so they have had the place to themselves- no more.

Nancy and I wanted to thank all of the people responsible for letting us adopt such a wonderful dog. He is so much fun to play with and just be around. Actually just watching him go around and interact with his world is funny to see. He is so curious about everything. He has already met and befriended the UPS and FedX drivers (they always carry biscuits for the dogs on there routes).

Richard and Nancy

Page last updated on 21 May 2013