How time flies! 3 years later and long since Daisy has "come into her own" as a member of our pack. She truly is a wonderful girl and we couldn't be happier as a family! Every time we think " this can't get any better" it does does but it no longer surprises us, we just enjoy the blessing. She is so sweet and loving not just to her family but to all she meets. If you are considering adopting a hound from this rescue this adopting family highly recommends it. Make sure you do your research and are prepared to help your new family member adjust but if you are willing to make the commitment with this breed the rewards you get will be worth more than their weight in gold! Thank you ABTCR for allowing this gem to become a part of our lives!

Thanks for all you do to help the hounds,
Cliff, Pam, Lexi and Daisy

10 January 2019

Amazing how time flies! 2 weeks has become 7 months that Daisy has been a member of our pack and what a time we are having! She absolutely loves camping, hiking, and going for rides and is just as content lounging around the house or playing in the back yard with Lexi. She has adapted to our pack dynamic seamlessly and our team will only get tighter. Daisy is an absolute angel and Lexi's (her border collie sister) best friend. We are grateful every day that she is with us! Thank you again to the ABTCR and Daisy's foster family for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with her!

20 March 2016

Today marks 2 weeks that Daisy has been a member of our pack and so far she is adjusting wonderfully to her new home. She is a fast learner and very polite ( to people and dogs, unless you're a perceived threat to the property) and obedient. She and Lexi are bonding more every day and we could not be happier with this girl and we think she is happy with us, too. These pictures are from her first trip to Highland Lakes and the aftermath (2 pooped pups). Thank you to the AMERICAN BLACK & TAN COONHOUND RESCUE for the wonderful work that you did with Daisy. She showed up well adjusted and ready to fit in with our pack. She has started testing her boundaries but has not argued about the rules at all. We look forward to many years of walks and trips and will try to keep your group updated on her progress.


29 June 2015