Bella came to us in early January after being picked up as a stray after Christmas. I pulled her from the shelter because we had a woman volunteer to foster her. It was cold, but she smelled so foul from the bacteria and yeast infections of her skin that we had to drive the 70 miles home with the windows down. She had very little hair on her face and ears and the bare skin was black and thick. Her eyes were sunken and red and she was pitifully thin. But what a good girl! After being put on antibiotics, eye medication for dry eye, ear drops for chronic infection, daily anti-fungal baths and a grain-free diet, she began to look and feel better. By the time the other foster flaked, she had settled in here.

In the last 4 months, Bella gained 30 lbs and grew back 99% of her hair (we call her "Furball" when it's time for her bath). She still gets anti-fungal baths every week, and eye medication every 2 hours, but it's hard to believe it's the same dog. She is the friendliest dog and greets everyone with a little yodel. The only time that she really bays is when the sirens go by or the doorbell rings. She gets along great with all of the foster dogs that come through here and adores our cat.

My daughter and I knew we were keeping Bella, and made it official on Mother's Day!

Molly Smith

Page last updated on 11 May 2011