Sending a note to you all to let you how my Duke, this loving hound, is doing. He is my LOVE... he has my heart and he is babied to no end. I work from home a lot so he is quite attached to me, probably more than anyone else. He is eating well, and has gained weight - up to 74 pounds now from the 58 he was when I picked him up from his foster home. He has a few issues with his kidneys and is on a special diet but we are lucky to have vets as neighbers to coach me through whatever is need for his care. He goes to Doggie Daycare every now and then but it seems to tire him out as a senior so I just let him take it easy at home. He is a houdini in getting out of the crate, even if it is double latched.... funny. You will just find him lying on the floor or couch without disturbing anything because he has no idea you are coming in because he is deaf. He is happy go lucky and greets you when you walk in from being out. I am happy to be able to make the second part of his life so much better than it was when he was found.


28 June 2010

Can't thank Rescue enough; so glad I found this guy. He is such a sweetheart and he is just so easy going. We are so happy with him.. His face is just so sweet. Wanted you to see him in action. Awesome! He is getting along great with the other dogs. Have to work on relations with the household kitty. One of the photos he is looking in the decorative Ficus tree for her ... remembering where she came from. LOL!

20 February 2010



What an awesome hound he is... and he is loved. He is snoring over on his heated dog mat.

Cindy Brill

11 February 2010