The Alabama Dolls pup who was called Bessemer is now Miss Liza Jane. She delights us every single day! She's just perfect. She sits to say please, she wrestles our other dog happily for hours, she only annoys the cat a little. The kids are over the moon about her. She sleeps sweetly in her crate (even goes in on her own when I say "kennel up"), and she mostly does her business outside, mostly. We saw the vet for the second time last week and she went on and on about how healthy and happy Liza Jane is. She said, "I wish all my patients looked like this! She's obviously had a great start."

I just can't say how much we adore her. I've been impressed with the Coonhound Rescue group from our first contact, and it was such a generous effort from all of you to coordinate getting Liza Jane here. Thank you. We sing your praises all the time and will look for ways to support what you do moving forward.

Joanna and the rest

Page last updated on 22 March 2013