Lola is thriving, thought you might like an update. She is getting a tad fat but daily walks of about 4 miles keep her in shape. She plays with my daughter's redbone coonhound every week and doesnt much like the dog park. I thought that Id lost her at the beach; she got her toe into the water and took off like a scalded rabbit, pulled out of her collar and took off. Thank goodness for the guy by the boardwalk-she walked right up to him and stayed there till I caught up! Not a water dog.

Shes the best dog Ive ever had, very loving and really likes to howl at the squirrels on our walks.


12 March 2011

Beulah seems to be more of a Lola and since she was walking the streets, we figured Lolita was a fair moniker. Anyway, she already answers to Lola and is getting along very well. Eating great, coughing less. She just finished her 4 mile walk and had a big breakfast.


15 March 2010