Daisy joined our family 11 months ago and has been a wonderful and amazing addition. Shes brought so much joy and laughter into our house. Shes just so happy all the time when we wake up, when we go for a walk, when we feed her, when shes playing. When we come home from a five minute absence she greets us like its been hours. She loves to play and be scratched and takes any opportunity she can to show how much she loves us back. Her absolutely favorite place to be is on a warm lap snoring loud and proud.

Shes presented us with very few challenges. She gets car sick sometimes and has a knack for finding things on the street that end up in her mouth (weve pulled more than a few chicken bone fragments out). But shes done really well with basic training and has even tried a little agility. Shes constantly on the hunt for new dog and people friends and has boundless energy for chasing or being chased. She lives close to the beach and a popular dog park so she gets to visit both frequently.

Daisy was recently photographed for a book on rescue and purebred dogs, Project Dog (http://nuena.com/shop/project-dog-a-celebration-of-dogs/). We are so happy she could represent the breed and we are proud to say where we found her. Thank you for everything you do for these dogs!

Tegan and Igor

Page last updated on 20 January 2012