We were asked by Jayne to foster Billy in November of 2007. We drove to Nashville to get him and took Emmitt along. The boys really liked each other at first sight and played right there on the lawn of the shelter. Billy had been picked up as a stray, spent a few months there, was adopted out and then returned to the shelter by his adopter. It was then that the shelter contacted ABTCR...thank goodness. Billy was so gorgeous...so sweet and he was so submissive..it broke our hearts. He acted like he was always in trouble when we would go to bring him in, etc. Emmitt had been so lonesome as his foster brother and sister had been adopted within weeks of each other. So knowing Billy had "issues" that we knew we could deal with and Emmitt's already friendship with him: we asked if we could just adopt him. He never even made it to the website. He loves to run our wooded property. Really gives the squirrels a hard time. He and Emmitt graduated obedience class together. Billy is just a big sweet goofy boy who loves his stuffed toys and playing with Emmitt and Brenda Lee. Emmitt is our "clown" and Billy is our gentleman!

Thanks again ABTCR,
Norma and Ed

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