Just a quick update about Birdee. Since she went from foster in late December to a keeper in late January, she seems as though she's always been a part of the family. I will say that our house is louder now, since she is a vocal girl. I think she and our Redbone, Huckleberry, now share the same brain. They are in sync with just about everything and are usually together at all times. Birdee is about half-way through training, and is smart as a whip. She also considers herself a lapdog, and has taught our Redbone to get on the furniture and that it's fun to snuggle on the furniture with us. So, it can get crowded at night while reading or watching TV. It's funny how I decided to be a foster right when she needed a foster home, so maybe it was meant to be that she would find her way to us. She is also a great running partner, so I'm hoping it will keep me motivated to run more now that the weather is getting a tad warmer. She did enjoy playing in the snow too. I just wanted to let you know what a joy she is to have, even when she's being mischievous and very, very loud. We love our hounds!


Page last updated on 12 March 2011