The newest member of our family is Boo, in the blue collar. He arrived late Saturday night and is settling in more and more every day. He's a very people-oriented dog and wants to be with us all the time. He is a very good student and learned to stay out of the horse pens when we go in but he's certainly not happy about it! He sits and whines and watches us the whole time. He actually did great this morning and ventured off with Highball and Elvis (the neighbor's dog that visits regularly) to play and wasn't even worried about me. Boo and Highball finally started playing with each other last night and have hardly taken a break since. In fact, they're rough-housing behind my chair right now! Highball is quite the jealous dog and has to be right in our faces when Boo is getting attention. We put a bed down for Boo in the bedroom and, although Highball has several beds of his own, a chair he's claimed AND a kennel, he can't understand why he's not supposed to lay on Boo's bed. Highball also thinks that every single toy and chew thing in the house should belong to him. He's not very good with sharing yet but that will come in time.


8 October 2008

It's been 3 months today that Highball has been a member of our family and it's been quite the adventure so far! Highball arrived with every rib and both hip bones visible through his skin. Finally, we've just about got all his health issues resolved. He's visited the vet 4 times since he's been here and we've been an additional two to drop off "samples." I think he just likes to visit Milo, the resident black lab, at the vet's office.

Highball was a little unsure of some of his new family members. The horses scared the bejeezus out of him at first. He's still not too happy when they run and buck but other than that he doesn't pay them much attention anymore. Cheyenne, his older border collie sister, plays with him but gets fed up with his antics before he does and she definitely lets him know she's finished. Tia, the cat, is NOT impressed that we brought this big clumsy dog into HER house but she tolerates him for the most part. The bunnies could care less but Highball wants to play with them SO bad! He definitely can't be left alone with them. I can just see him pouncing and slapping one of them with a big front paw.

Highball has made a great addition to our family; he's so smart and so entertaining. And that nose! You just gotta love that hound nose. Well, that's all for now. We'll keep you informed of the antics of Highball in the future.

Thank you so much for connecting us with this wonderful dog.
Sara, David, Highball and the gang

30 April 2008