Lacey and I wish you a very Happy New Year! Lacey has been the perfect addition to our home. Her age, wisdom AND manners have allowed all of us (including the three cats) to coexist swimmingly. She's a good sport to wear Christmas hats and Muttluks boots without fussing, and is pretty quiet, unless there's a squirrel around. I've attached a picture of her modeling the Muttluks -- I know people think I'm a whack job when we're out walking and she's wearing a coat and boots, but the kids we meet get a kick out of it, and I feel like a better mother when she doesn't complain of frozen paws after romping through the snow on our walks.

We still peruse the Web site every once in a while, and I've told everyone who asks about Lacey about the rescue site. Perhaps you'll have some more adopters from Colorado! I wish you both all the best in 2009! Thanks so much for the work you do on behalf of the dogs.

Gretchen Thomas

Page last updated on 24 January 2009