This is Edgar, AKA Blueberry Scone, on Thanksgiving Day at not quite 8 months old. He has the same beautiful green eyes as his adopted mom. Our best guess puts him at about 48 lbs. Our vet grew up with Dobermans and she's pretty convinced that that's where his beautiful red-brown color comes from. I'm pretty certain that that is also why he has such excellent off leash skills on a hiking trail! By the way, there's a couple of Black and Tans that came through your organization right around the corner from us!


10 December 2010

Edgar is unbelievable!! You can stand behind him as he's eating and watch his little belly expand and then right before your eyes you watch as his belly squeezes back in and his legs get a little longer, it's like watching a cartoon. I look at pictures that I took last Sunday and I'm amazed.

Housetraining? He's a champ! Yesterday I had the outside door half open for a moment and he went around behind me and through the doggie door and then out through the open doorway. Of course the others watch and give me a look that says "hey, I pee, I poop, where my presents?"

As I learn to get quicker with the camera and he gets more brazen (he's gotten up to tail pulling!) I'll finally be able to get some shots of him and the other dogs together. Uncle Floyd is trying to remain blase' about the new arrival, but we've seen hints of a play pose, so there's a chance that pretty soon he'll give in; the little guy keep asking him! Uncle Oliver is a true curmudgeon, who just let's out a "scram kid, ya bother me" woof when Edgar tries to get to him. The real test will come when Edgar is big enough to get on Ollie's couch, a couple weeks at most the way those legs keep growing. Aunt Mabel is the liveliest and the best chance at a real playmate.

He goes through a few minutes of a "I hate the leash" dance when we start on a walk, but then he gets with it. We're doing both "whole pack" walks and working one-on-one with him. Went out early this AM and he just seemed fascinated by his and my long shadows! He's already learned a couple other lessons about life in the Southwest: Cactus= Ouch!! and not much traction on tile floors.


11 June 2010