We are having a great time with our three rescued dogs. The last two: Beau (Bluetick/black lab mix) and Grady (Redbone), along with our Weimaraner: Catherine (from Weimaraner Rescue ), are perfect additions to our family. Until we adopted Beau, we had no idea how wonderful the coonhounds are! Not many have made their way to California yet. Thank you so much.


26 December 2010

Grady at his new home in California, with his friend, Beau.

25 August 2010

Beau is growing so fast. I don't know what he weighs, but he must be pretty close to full size. All three dogs love to sit at the top end of the slope, and look at their view. Favorite past time with them. Beau is a wonderful dog. He's fit in very well, and is just "one of the guys"! I wish I could adopt "Blue." What a kick that would be to have the two brothers. Blue looks so much like my Beau! Such a beauty!

You're doing such a good service to all we dog lovers! It's much appreciated.

18 October 2008

I wanted to send you the latest pictures of Beau. Looks like he's settling in nicely! Beau is a wonderful puppy. He's trying very hard to do everything right. He gets along very well with the other dogs, and is doing great with the cat too! I think he's happy here, and loves his big yard! So fun to watch. We are having him meet lots of people, and go lots of places. So far, I couldn't ask for more, or be more pleased! We love him lots!


13 June 2008