It has been a little over 5 months since we adopted our favorite new family member. She is so full of life and curiosity - we couldnt imagine life without her. She's the best guard dog when daddy's away, she's the best snuggler whether daddy likes it or not- in the bed wedged directly between us- every morning! She helps us dig holes in the garden, tried to murder my rose bushes honing her talent- and has yet to destroy the first toy we ever got her- her white nyla bone- but harmed many a squeaky toy and tennis ball along the way. She doesn't run off in the timber alone, she is very good at ringing the bell to go outside, and just recently lost ALL of her baby teeth - finally, cuz that breath could knock out a gorilla.. LOL we LOVE HER!

Amy Sue And Lance Coble

Page last updated on 13 July 2014