We have been so blessed with Crockett, he has turned out to be a very smart coonhound (as told by his obedience trainer) and such an adorable, calm and loving boy. He is our baby and spoiled rotten! He seldom barks and when he does, we cannot figure out where it is coming from! Usually at the ducks, geese and cranes that stop by and swim in the pond in the back of our house. He loves his neighbors, a lab and scottie, and he loves to go on car rides, even a short ride to the vet!

He also loves his playmate and brother, Hank. What a handsome boy Hank is. We have had him since the middle of September and are also blessed to have him as our other baby! He is also smart and has already learned sit and lay down. He even knows "come here," where Crockett still ignores us and comes when he wants to!! He was nervous and scared of everything at first, he still is to a few things, such as thunder or any loud noises, but getting better. He has also put on some weight and is now at 61 pounds and looks great. The boys sleep at night in their beds at the foot of the bed, once in a while we will find them in the bed with us, which one of us usually has to get out as it gets a little crowded! They love to run and play outside together, it quite a sight to see, just ears and tails flying around!! Hank also has the most wonderful voice, which the first 2 weeks or so we thought we had another quiet one, but now he sure makes up for Crockett being quiet!! Just recently I have been able to walk them both together on our morning walks (had to take them separately as they were too hard to handle at first) and boy do they get excited. We walk a mile every morning and my husband, Bill and I, walk them a mile in the evenings. It is amazing how excited they get when you ask them if they want to go on a walk!! We also get lots of compliments while walking them as to how beautiful they are!!

We want to thank Jayne, Deb, Amy and the transport team for all you do for these wonderful hounds; you are amazing!!


20 November 2011

I wanted to update you on Crockett - 6 months old already, and he has grown. What a joy to have him around! He has such a calming personality. He follows me around the house, and keeps me company as I work in my home office; loves to sleep in the chair behind my desk or under my desk at my feet. We have a cat, Babygirl, who loves to snuggle up with him. We are still in the process of housetraining him, and he only goes into his crate when we are gone. He does have his own bed, but after we are settled in, he finds his place in between my husband and I. I think he likes to be warm. He has found 2 new friends, who are our neighbor's dogs, one is a lab and the other a Scottie. They run up and down the fence playing with each other. Christmas Day they all 3 got together for a romp in the yard, and boy they did sleep good that night!!

I thank you and Sunshine for bringing him into our lives!!

4 January 2011

Here are some pictures of Crockett! He is such a good boy, he is going to make us so happy!


24 October 2010