Since adopting Gus (he was then known as Bojangles) almost a year ago, we have done so much together. It was Memorial Day weekend last year when Gus got his first taste of snow. We went hiking together in the Plumas National Forest and Gus ran back and forth, putting his face in the snow and coming up with a mouthful and a nose-full of snow! That was our first hiking trip, and since then, Gus and I have explored the mountains, streams, rivers, and lakes of northern Nevada and eastern California. He is very energetic and keeps up with me on all day hikes through the Sierras and has even swam across Dick’s Lake with me, although he prefers to stay out of the water. After a day of backcountry snowboarding, Gus loves to curl up in his favorite chair and sleep. His presence has been a blessing to me, and I have found comfort in his devoted companionship. I could not imagine my life without him. Since adopting him from AB&TCR, he has been the happiest, healthiest dog I have ever known.

Thanks for everything y’all did in helping bring him into my life!


Page last updated on 26 March 2011