Tillie has settled in well to our household right from day one. She has been accepted by "the boys" Taffy and Boston. For the first couple of days Boston was guarding all the dog food in the house, and the water bowl. He would lie down in front of the food bins and give a low growl every time Tillie walked by. I went to Costco to buy a bag of Tillie's preferred food. When I brought it home and set it down in the hallway Boston plunked himself down in front of the bag and claimed it as his own. He has now decided that it is ok to share with Tillie. Taffy seems to tolerate Tillie but occasionally gives her a little nip to let her know that he is not happy with her hyperactive energy levels. When Taffy sneezes Tillie's motherly instincts take over and she gets all worried and nuzzles him and licks his face. She's finally figured out that Taffy is old and doesn't like to play. Tillie has endless energy and loves to run around in the snow in the backyard chasing and baying at Boston until he starts to play. One day while playing outside Boston surprised her by catching up to her and knocking her down. Boston is a big boy but when he decides to run and gets up to full speed he is like a freight train. Tillie likes to cuddle and wrestle and play with her squeaky toys and her kong. Despite the warnings, all of our socks and remotes are still accounted for. Tillie has experienced some very cold weather up here. We bought her a doggie coat to wear outside on her walks. She has discovered ice on the sidewalk, salt on the bottom of her feet ouch, and the joy of climbing snowbanks. We are looking forward to the summer so we can get Tillie up to the cottage to see how she does in the water.

Tillie's keeping us entertained every day and makes a good impression on people wherever she goes. Everyone at the vet loved her, and commented especially on her long ears. Her affect upon Boston has also been nothing short of remarkable. She's bringing more of his personality out every day and he's becoming much more interested in what is going on around the house. Perhaps its because he sees her going past and he doesn't want to miss out on anything. Before Tillie arrived I could come home from work and Boston would stay in the TV room sleeping. Now when I come home and come in through the garage and the laundry room I can hear the two of them waiting on the other side of the door to greet me. The two of them run around in the backyard together and walk around the house together, sometimes like they are joined at the hip, and it's sort of cute to see.


5 March 2013

Boston has fit right in at our cottage on Georgian Bay. He's met lots of other dogs, including Molly the black lab who was Scoobs' "girlfriend". Everyone is amazed at how calm and gentle he is for such a large dog. Today I clipped his nails, brushed his teeth, and cleaned his ears. He just sat there placidly the entire time. We've had Boston in the water every day. He was a bit reticent to go in the bay at first. There were lots of waves the first day at the beach and they seemed to unsettle him. He has since gone in every day and has been swimming. Once he saw Taffy going in to swim that seemed to motivate him. He can really move in the water. We nicknamed him the "black and tan torpedo". He also woke us up one night at @ 3:00 am when he smelled some raccoons outside. It took him about an hour to calm down. He was also off leash one day and proceeded to make a run for the road going up the hill away from the shore. I caught him about half way up the hill. Good thing he stopped as I only had about 10 yards left in my legs :-).


13 July 2012