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Brenda Lee and her Brothers

We were asked to foster a young female who was in Nashville. She was picked up off the streets by a very nice man who was very fond of her; but realized he didn't have the means to keep her. We took Emmitt with us to get her. Emmitt was so great at welcoming Billy into the program and then into our family, so we knew he would welcome this female as warmly. From the moment we let them sniff each other in the parking lot of the Cracker Barrel at Manchester TN, those two Hounds decided right then and there that they were destined to be "brother and sister." They rode together in the back set, heads cuddled up on each others' back like they were indeed long lost siblings! When we got home, Billy welcomed her just as warmly. We still were going to try and let her get adopted. She was named "Brenda Lee" which was so appropriate since she came from Nashville. As a few days went by...though, the three Hounds played and played. Brenda Lee was just such a great "balance" between the boys. So, once again we asked if we could adopt. Jayne said yes! Brenda Lee will be our last adoption for quite a while though, as we want to always have a space for a foster that needs us. Matter of fact we have had 2 puppies and are now hosting a sweet Bluetick girl since we made it an official family of 3 Hounds. Brenda Lee is very sweet. She can hold her own with the boys as she has from day one. So, although she looks very much a lady in her Easter bonnet, she is really quite a tomboy! We love her very much and so do the boys!

Thanks again..Jayne and all at ABTCR!
Ed, Norma and all our Coonies in Tennessee

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