Remington (formerly Cain) has been with us for just about 4 months now and we couldnít have asked for a better dog. His tail has not stopped wagging since we got him. He is the favorite of the dog park and everyone always has to know what kind of dog he is since you donít see many coonhounds in New York City. Remy has become the number one couch buddy, reluctant running partner (although heís slowly coming up to speed) and overall cutest dog in NYC in my humble opinion. He learned sit, down and high five in about a month, he is so smart. Remy has yet to meet someone he didnít like and is quickly adapting to life in the city.

When we first got him he was underweight and barely had any hair on his ears and had patches of bald spots on his coat. Even though he was clearly not cared for in his past life he seemed to know he could trust us right away. It took about a month to get him up to a good weight and have full shiny coat but it only took him a week to make himself comfy on the couch and learn how to live the good life of a moderately spoiled and extremely loved dog. Remy is not your traditional coonhound since he never barks inside (unless we are restocking his food container). He only barks at the dog park when he wants to get all the dogs to play with him which makes it extra cute. Although housebreaking and leash training have been hard, Remy has made it 100% worth it. He tries so hard to get it right and really just wants to make us happy while all we want is to make him happy and comfortable in his forever home. We couldnít have asked for a better dog. Thank you ABTC rescue for finding and fostering our best friend!!!

Liz and Kyle

Page last updated on 8 August 2013