Well it's Petey's one year adoptiversary! It hardly seems as though it has been that long because we truly believe he was meant to be a part of our family. Pete's journey to us took him through several states and "almost" families and although it was unfair for him, we are grateful that it ended with us. He joins a B&T sister, Coda, and she is enamored with her new found playmate. We have come so far with Petey Boy over this last year - he is quite the cuddle bug and has learned to trust that we aren't going anywhere and neither is he.

He is the epitome of a goofy hound! He leaves a trail behind him..and I mean he literally grabs portions of the grass with his teeth and tosses them aside! To his credit, some moles have not fared too well and the grubs are heading for the neighbor's yard! Petey Boy and Coda Bear are the craziest, cuddliest coonies a family could want and we feel very lucky and blessed by ABTCR.

Many thanks for all you do,
Phoebe, Chip, Cole, Beckett and the "Howard Hounds"

24 April 2013

This is a well overdue story but we are so proud to have Coda that I thought better late than never to share our story.

We adopted Coda in February of 2009 shortly after we had to put our beloved Labrador, Annie, down. We had Annie for 15 years so her absence was definitely felt by all of us. Her void was especially felt by our beagle, Jesse, who had never lived a day without a canine companion. Of course, Jesse was 14 so a rambunctious puppy might not have been her first choice of a solution but she soon accepted Coda and all of her "youth"!

We knew Coda was special because she was born on Christmas Day AND because we found out we were expecting another child shortly after she arrived to live with us! Our other son was 8 at the time so what better practice to get back in to parenting than to get a puppy! Coda bonded with us immediately and when little Beckett arrived, she was the ultimate big sis. They are true buddies now.

Jesse joined our Annie almost a year ago and I have been looking for the perfect match for Coda ever since. Our sincerest thanks to ABTCR for bringing Coda into our lives. We look forward to our next journey with one of your rescues.

The Howards
Gainesville, Florida

5 February 2012