It's been since the beginning of May and Cherry has merged right on in and made herself a home. Her 2 big brothers and 3 big sisters have welcomed her and she enjoys running with them. She has appointed herself "Master of the Toys". She was really scared at first and did not trust any new people and feared other men. Since May she has made friends with my friends and greets everybody when they come up the lane. She has learned to swim and I'm looking forward to seeing how she likes snow. Cherry loves belly rubbings in morning and chasing the 4 wheeler outback to the pond in the afternoon. I added Royale to her name to add a little "air of sophistication". What an incredible, awesome, loving creature. I'm blessed by her presence in my life and try to do the same for her.

Thanks to all you rescuers for doing what you do.

Dan Rollison

Page last updated on 14 October 2015