Copper is growing fast. He was 24 lbs the day after we got him, and he is now just under 50 lbs. He is looking really good. He is very well mannered and plays well with several dogs consistently on Saturday mornings. His favorite toy is a stuffed animal Raccoon, he has worn out the squeaker on the inside so he just chews on it now, but never tries to tear it up. He has eaten part of a chair cushion while I was out for a run. We are waiting a few more months before we run him with us, but he enjoys long walks, and running with the other dogs at the park.

I attached a picture from this past weekend aboard our 26 Sailboat. He did great! The second half of the trip he took a nap on deck, so he was very comfortable. We have not introduced him to swimming yet, so we will see later if he likes that, or if he can swim. Seth and Megan Fankhauser

Page last updated on 23 May 2012