Here's Bailey on what we believe to be his third birthday. He is doing great. We can't imagine life without him. He can make us crazy at times, but also brings a smile to our face much more often. Bailey has such a funny personality. He likes to act tough, but really is just a sweetie. Bailey and Bella (the Cat) still have a love/hate relationship. He loves her and she hates him most of the time, but they do once in a while get close. Bailey does not like water at all but we took him to the beach and he does love to dig in the sand. These pictures are from last weekend when we took him to Assateague. I have seen updates on his momma Ella and I am happy to see she is in a loving home. I only found one update on his siblings: "Cooper" who I see looks a lot like our boy. I hope to see more updates in the future.

Roseann, Stanley, Kayce, Bailey and Bella

22 March 2013

Bailey is now 2. What a ride it has been. He is a sweet puppy but can get in his share of trouble also. We love having him around and he always makes us smile. He and the cat/Bella still have their ups and downs. The cat tends to hit him in the head when he is too close but then leaves him presents in his water and chases him around the house. I have even seen the cat sneak up on him when he is sleeping and smack him, then run. Bailey enjoys the dog park and occasional visits to doggy day care. He is quite playful, but really likes to play at bedtime. He is very protective of the house and barks/howls like crazy if he sees a cat outside but then ignores them when he is out for a walk. He is a silly puppy but we love him like crazy.

Thanks for saving him for us.
Roseann, Stanley, Kayce and Bella

11 March 2012



I have been meaning to write this for a while, but on what we believe to be Bailey's birthday, I wanted to let you know how his first year has been. I admit, it has not always been easy, but he is doing well. Bailey ("Chip" from Tails of Enchantment - Ella Enchanted's litter) has adjusted well and brings us great joy. I had much anxiety over his relationship with our cat, but they seem to be doing well. They do have their moments and the cat will beat him over the head but he keeps going back for more.

Bailey loves his visits to the dog park where he goes often and has made a lot of doggie friends. Seems everywhere we go we are asked "what kind of dog is he". He does get protective of the house and barks at every noise. When told to quiet down he gets vocal and appears to be talking back to us. We have had a hard time finding toys for him as he chews them all up but we do have a few he hasn't destroyed yet. He does have a way of wrinkling his nose when he plays which makes him look a little mean but he is really very sweet. I have attached a few pictures of his first year. Thank you for saving him for us and for all your help!

Roseann, Stanley and Kayce

12 March 2011