Just wanted to update you on our family, we adopted Cindarella (now Cindi). We just passed the 1 yr mark and Cindi is without a doubt one of our most cherished children. We had some challenges at first, like introducing her to our kitty. (Now they are Best Buds.) She really is a wonderful dog, so full of love and we give it right back. She is an affection addict, she will put her head right in your lap and demand to be scratched. (This is not a problem in our home!) Her new best friend is Daisy, a mini Dachshund.

In the photo above, she is not growling, She smiles like this when shes’s knows a treat is coming. Everybody who witnesses this is amazed. When I picked her up from the kennel the first time she was there, I said I was here to get Cindi, the black and tan coonhound and everybody turned to me and said “You mean the dog that smiles?”

Thank you for your super organization and keep up the great work.

Bob Ponchak

Page last updated on 22 March 2008