It has been almost four years since I discovered the breed of coonhound in Florida, became obsessed, and soon adopted our black and tan coonie, sight unseen, after "shopping" for her at the Black & Tan Rescue site. We live outside of Chicago, where coonhounds are almost unheard of...to start looking for one was really an exercise in faith. We already had a 3-year-old shelter dog who is a perfect lady, and had no idea that the scrawny girl who hopped out of the car after her many rides from Canton, OH would also be a perfect dog.

It's hard not to get a coonie and not recognize that hounds truly are...different. Coco is all dog, all voice and floppy ears and jowls, all silky coat and wagging tail. She is the funniest companion - loyal, affec- tionate, comes running to greet us when we walk in the door. Her deep, houndy bark is frequent but fair - only when dogs or deer walk by. She eats her food in the blink of an eye, then settles in for a nice snooze, curling up in a silky black ball.

We just adore our girl, who makes us laugh and gives us joy at every turn. I would absolutely get another.

Polly Rerko

Page last updated on 18 January 2010