We absolutely love the newest members of our family, Goose and Mavie. Goose earned his name when we picked them up from the airport. The noises that were coming from the crate were odd duck noises. We were not sure at first if we had puppies in the crate, or if the crate somehow was mixed up and we ended up with ducks. Once we were able to look in the crate, there he was, as big as life, making his odd duck noises. Maverick’s name did not come so easy, as the first week went by, we still had not settled on a name for our little girl. Once her personality started to emerge, she was dive bombing her brother from the couch and she was showing a strong sense of independence. We looking up the meaning of Maverick – and she totally fit the definition. At last she had her name - Maverick.

Goose and Mavie have settled in and adjusted to their new big brother, Gavin. Although it took Gavin a little long to adjust to being the big brother, he now is getting along great with his new pack mates and enjoys being the leader. Goose and Mavie have also had to adjust to the changing weather here in Colorado. One day they are sunning their bellies, the next day there is a foot of snow, but they seem to enjoy being outside regardless of the weather. They are the world’s best snuggles and seem to be the happiest when doing so.

Goose and Mavie are doing quite well with potty training, basic commands such as sit, shake and roll over. They love daily walks and walking on their leash is still a work in progress. These two are a bundle of energy and joy and have been a wonderful addition to our family.

Quintin, Becky Jo, Gavin, Goose, Mavie and Faye (our granddaughter)

Page last updated on 3 April 2013