Cooper is doing great. Every once in a while he will have a bad day with his stomach, but it is very rare. He loves his bother, a Australian Shepherd named Cody, and his kitties, of course. He is actually scared of the cats. If they are on the couch, he looks to me to move them so he can have the spot. There has been a great deal more sun in the back yard, which he loves. He spends a great deal of time basking in the sun. (Think he is working on his tan) Every so often he will jump on the bed next to me and snuggle. He is still a very sweet dog. He used to bay his head off at people when they came over, now he tries to smother them after they sit down. My wife will babysit a 5 year old every once in a while and she doesn't really like Cooper. She calls him the "licky dog." Hopefully he will get over that fairly quickly.

Thank you again for allowing him into our lives.
Richard Hill

23 April 2012

Cooper is doing wonderful. He and my wife's Aussie Mix have become best buds. He is a wonderful, loving dog. He is always happy and quick to go at the drop of a hat. Carilan, (my wife) takes him to Wags and Wiggles every week where everyone seems to be his new best friend. He will play with dogs as well as people the entire time he is there. At home, however, he will bark his head off at someone walking in the door until they give him a treat. At that time he seems to think that if he gets in their lap, they will give him more treats. He licks the air as if he were a snake, (which looks better than it sounds) as if it is his way of begging. He goes to the barn with my wife and I, as he is too much to handle with just my wife. He will chase after horses and anything that moves, baying his head off. Aside from chasing the horses, it is extremely funny to watch him enjoying himself so much. He is a total couch hound when he is home. We have set blankets on the couch and love seat, as he now feels they belong to him. We just found out my wife is pregnant, so I am looking forward to watching how much he will bond with a baby.

Thank you again for the opportunity to have him in our lives,
Richard Hill

15 December 2010