Hi! It's me, Copper Kisses! I have been at my new home since last Wednesday. There are a couple of pictures here of me that were taken as soon as we got home. I was very tired then because adoption day was sooooo long! As soon as we left my foster mom's house we went to Petco and they bought me a new collar, food bowl and several very cool toys. We came home and I started playing with my new toys. I started biting chunks off one of them so Mom took it away from me (something about me getting choked or getting a blockage, or something). She gave me the other ones and I did the same. So, darn...they all got bagged back up to return to the store.

That night I wanted to sleep right in between my new Mom and Dad. I was so happy that I would wake them up every hour or so by giving them big, slurpy kisses and wanting to play. They did not want to play in the middle of the night, for some reason.

The next day it was back to Petco to return the toys that just couldn't handle my level of play, and they purchased a crate and some rawhide chew bones. Now I have a crate to sleep in a night and my own personal space! I like it. Mom and Dad seem to sleep much better at night, too. The rawhide chew bones are the bomb! Mom and Dad had to go to work on Friday so they put me in this place called the outside kennel. It was so cool! There is a big area inside that is about 2 feet deep in wheat straw. It has a heat lamp hanging over it. I made a nest in the wheat straw and slept under the light. I could still go outside in a fenced run, if I wanted.

There are two other dogs that live here, too. Sadie is the queen of all dogs. She is quite old and sleeps a lot and really doesn't want to play. Fudge is the other one. Fudge really didn't like me at all at first. She would growl at the sight of me! Mom said it was because it was just too exuberant (whatever that is!) I have very little self control at this point in my life, so I just jump all over them to have fun. They are pretty old and grumpy and didn't like that. Fudge also felt like Mom and Dad didn't love her any more since they brought me home so they have been giving her extra love and attention to make her feel better. They also keep me on lead in the house so I won't bother the old dogs too much. Sadie only barked at me twice. I was trying to steal her bone. That's ok because I just wait for her to go to sleep and then I sneak over to steal it! It is great fun to bury it in the cushions of the couch and watch Sadie look for it!

They let me run all over the property. It is sooo big! At first I was afraid to get too far from the house because I was afraid I would not find my way back. However, I have become more used to it and I run all over the woods. Right now I have dirt on my black nose because I have been digging a hole! You should try it sometime.....it's great! Today was the first day my Mom saw all three of us dogs running and playing together outside. It made her so happy! These other old dogs will get used to me after all! (even though I am still too exuberant - whatever that is)

Mom was really impressed that I knew "sit". That earned me several bites of hotdog! She is working on "shake" right now and I pretty much have it down too! (Hey, I'll learn to stand on my head if a hot dog is involved!) Did you know these people have a restaurant???? Last night us dogs got to share a whole bunch of pork roast that was left over from the restaurant. I was so good! I have a feeling I will be gaining weight quickly here! I heard them say they have some left over beef that they must eat soon or it will have to go to the dogs! (Boy, I hope they don't eat it!!!)

Oh, I have a new name.....it is Molly Atta-Girl. Molly is for my foster mom, my God-Mother, that saved me from the shelter, and I like to hear the words "Atta-Girl". Mom wanted to call me Atta but Dad likes the name of Molly. For right now, they call me Molly Atta..... I'll have Mom take more pictures of me as I grow and we'll send them to you.

Molly Atta

Page last updated on 24 February 2010