Rebel’s gonna have her first birthday party so thought I would send ya a few pics so you could see her. She’s growin’ into a beautiful and big lil’ Rebel. She’s a very happy and spoiled pup. She absolutely loves Stonewall and loves going on adventures. They pretty much go everywhere I go and as far as she is concerned life is just one big party and the world is her toy. She is still convinced she will be a lifelong lap dog.


9 July 2010

Hope ya’ll are doin’ well, had a Merry Christmas, and are up for a Merry New Year. Me, Stonewall, and Rebel have had a blast makin’ weekly trips to the ranch and plan to bring in the new year doin’ the same thing. You couldn’t have done any better matchin’ us up! Rebel just luvs Stonewall, the ranch, and even her daddy. Good times!!!! She is gettin’ big fast….but she thinks she’s gonna be a lifetime lap dog.

Mark, Stonewall, and Rebel

30 December 2009