Hattie, formerly Cupid (one of Angel's Wonderful Christmastime Pups) turns one this week. We have had her for about 10 months now and just love her to pieces. We've had Redbone/Lab mixes in the past and she couldn't be more different than those two! No silly puppy antics for her - she is poised and mature beyond her years! She is very cat like - "keeps her own counsel" as our trainer described. She is incredibly smart and learns everything the first time you teach her. We worked with a trainer and she now responds to voice and hand signals and we can take her anywhere off leash and she never strays far from us. She is very sweet natured and quiet - saving her voice for the squirrels. Since we are empty nesters now, we get away often and it is so great to have such a well-behaved dog to take along with us on our adventures. She has brought us so much joy and laughter and we are so grateful to ABTCR and to Tyne for saving Angel and her puppies. Thanks for all you do!

The Johnson Family

Page last updated on 4 October 2012