Stan and I were devastated by the loss of our Tracker in January due to cancer. We hurt to come home to an empty house. Huck was in far away Montana but for Stan it was love at first sight. I didn't think it would work, but his wonderful foster mom told us not to despair and asked a friend to come to the rescue. A Montana nurse, his guardian angel, drove Huck all that long way and he arrived safely on Feb. 25 with his favorite toys, a dozen organic eggs and even his namesake Montana Huckleberry jam! He is truly a joy, so sweet, funny and to our amazement, actually younger than we expected and has grown taller since arrival! Huck not only saved us from our broken hearts, but helped save his brother, Bumpus (formerly Curious George). When I saw Bumpus online, I fell for him! We picked Bumpus up on March 5 from a caring foster mom who had nursed him back from starvation and through painful heartworm treatment. Huck's sweet, playful outgoing nature helped with Bumpus regaining his strength as well as joy for life. At doggie daycare, the ladies say they get along like they were raised together, and they love going to daycare 2 days a week as they both get along with all the other dogs. They both finished basic obedience class in July and had their first fishing vacation with us over Labor Day. We love them so much!

Thank you to Jayne and their fosters and everyone who made this possible, especially Stephanie our "Road Angel ."

Sharon & Stan Austin
Huck and Bumpus

Page last updated on 24 September 2011